Home News 2023: Bello’s Presidential Declaration Excites Nigerians

2023: Bello’s Presidential Declaration Excites Nigerians


Some Nigerians have expressed optimism for good governance and improved living conditions as Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi formally makes his declaration to run for President in 2023.

They made this known in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the Eagle Square on Friday in Abuja.

Governor Bello will be making an official declaration to run for President on Saturday, April 2nd at Eagle Square, Abuja.

Mr Gabriel Etsu, a Civil Servant, commended Bello for his courage as a youth to contest for Presidency in a country that has always been ruled by older citizens since 1999.

Etsu said that the move by Bello would encourage youths who previously thought it as impossible to hold political and leadership positions to contest.

“I personally am very happy for the courage and boldness of Yahaya Bello as a young man to run for President, this has given us hope.

“Since the return of democracy in 1999, the country has been ruled by older citizens and aside Presidency, it has been a particular set of people ruling this country.

“But now, a young person from nowhere has taken the bold step to break this trend.

“I pray he wins so that we can have more young people with great minds in places of position that will make governance better in the country.

“I also urge our Nigerian youths to emulate Bello’s courage, register with any political party and contest, even if it is for councillorship. It is time for the youths to take over,” Etsu said.

Mrs Martha Ejiofor, a businesswoman, said that all she is concerned about is good leadership regardless of what part of the country the person hails from.

Ejiofor said that political parties should not narrow the choices for Nigerians by zoning the Presidency, noting that once that is done, Bello stands a greater chance to win the elections among other contenders.

“I love this country and even when we want to get discouraged, we still have hope for a better Nigeria and so, what we push for is a good leader.

“Now is not the time to think of where someone comes from but someone who is capable of good leadership that will bring development to this country, that is what Nigeria wants.

“I am happy with what I am seeing here at the Eagle Square that Yahaya Bello is serious about contesting for President and if the ticket is not zoned, I can assure you that he will win.

“Political parties, be it APC or PDP should not narrow the choices of Nigerians but make it open to all citizens that wish to contest then Nigerians will make their choices,” Ejiofor said.

According to Mr Lukas Shuaibu, “with all the recent occurrences of insecurity in the country, the priority of Nigerians now is guaranteed security and Bello has proven to be capable in that sector”.

Shuaibu noted that looking at how Bello has successfully secured Kogi, projects he has done, youth and women inclusion in governance, he is the right choice for President in 2023.

“It is no news that Kogi was one time very insecure but since Yahaya Bello took over in 2016, the state is now very safe. We need that to be replicated in Nigeria.

“Our women have been shouting for inclusion since and when Bello becomes President I am sure they will be included and even that their bill that was not passed by the National Assembly will be passed.

“This is a good development for Nigerian democracy, let us encourage more good people to come out like this,” Shuaibu said.


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