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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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TB Joshua: Tietie Get Your Facts Right! – Anagafor

A Rejoinder

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Frank, did you have any personal encounter with TB Joshua before his demise? I am surprised reading this from you. If you have not posted it elsewhere, please don’t. The worst evil anyone can do to himself is to defend evil. TB Joshua was a wizard who used sorcery and hypnotized gullible people who were after quick miracles. There was nothing godly about him. The world followed and loved him because the entire world of today is living a life contrary to the word of God. How can you praise someone who called himself God? I am surprised that you could fall into this trap. Please develop your spiritual antenna so that you can detect the manipulations of the Devil.

Individuals don’t join CAN. Only denominations do. Did the SCOAN apply for membership and was denied?

The influence of the Church is waning because the Church has compromised. The purity and righteousness that makes the Church exercise power and authority is no longer there. There is no real difference between mainstream Churches and the secular world today. This is why the pure gifts of the Holy Spirit are not manifesting in the Church of today. Only a remnant is left and their voice has been drowned by the mainstream media.

I am in full support of men of God keeping silent over TB Joshua”s death. What were you expecting them to say? Praise or vilify him? CAN issued a condolence message. To me, that is enough.

Ministries like that of TB Joshua and some mainstream Pentecostal Churches created a culture of easy Christianity. Christianity of miracles and prosperity seekers has done too much harm to Christendom. Most Nigerian Christians of today don’t have a right standing with God because of such ministries. This is one of the reasons why there is so much witchcraft, adultery, stealing and negative vices in the Church of today. We must come out of such and not be partakers of her iniquity.


Mike Anagafor

Engr. Mike Anagafor, a Practising Nigerian Engineer and Christian Apologist, writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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