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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Nsukka 4 Ike: An Electrifying Evening with Ikeoha

The NSUKKA 4 IKE delegation, yesterday at twilight, had an invigorating session with Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremadu at the National Assembly Legislative Quarters, Apo - Abuja.

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With the modesty of a prototypical leader – a lay and ordinary citizen but one that inspires the awe and approbation of a demi-god – Ikeoha, as he is fondly called by all, ushered the team into the reception section of his palatial but unobtrusive home, where a dynamizing and inquisitive engagement sparked off to the delectation of all, and eventually ended with everyone happy, fulfilled and satisfied.

Nsukka 4 Ike delegation is a convergence of analytical and independent-minded Nsukka men of Abuja extraction, picked up from diversely individual locations in Abuja by kismet, providence and lot with the mandate to proceed with The Message. The spread of this delegation to the different local governments that made up Nsukka/Enugu North Senatorial District was miraculously arranged. The Message is the good news that Ike has been given to Ndi Enugu and that he is available to serve. Incidentally, he is the current best of the whole pack. A sort of Primus-inter-pares.

No individual, society or people resorts to rummaging or gambling for the best by means of tests and assessment when such process or approach can be described as needless. Ikeoha is on the ground, gallant, willing and roundly qualified with a profile that is intimidating. How do people bypass such an institution and entrust leadership to a less qualified person? Ikeoha is a gift – a rare one at that – not just to Enugu State and Nigeria, but to humanity. 

Nsukka 4 Ike is an Nsukka driven establishment that calls on Ndi Enugu to rally around Ikeoha for the top job of governing Enugu State. We are at a time when our First Eleven cannot be relegated to the Bench while the Second Eleven is on the pitch of play.

Nsukka 4 Ike has looked within Enugu State, outside Enugu State and around Enugu  State and eventually came down with a sobering and regrettable verdict that Enugu State is not where it is supposed to be in terms of development generally and dividends of democracy in particular. This is a clarion call for our people to choose Ikeoha, support him and vote him into the Lion Building as a step towards entrenching a credible platform to enjoy ourselves by enjoying good governance and bequeath an acceptable standard and platform for the generations yet unborn to thrive.

For the umpteenth time, Nsukka 4 Ike has dispassionately reviewed all the rumoured aspirants to the important seat of the Governor and didn’t find it difficult to settle for Ikeoha, without prejudice to anybody’s right to put forward their candidates for assessment and comparison.

As Plato said, ” _I refuse to give the title of the art of anything irrational and if you want to raise objection on this point, I’m prepared to justify my position. 

In the same vein, we have resolved to support Ikeoha, not because he is our brother, cousin or friend, but in the light of his intimidating profile and our conviction that we can defend our belief in him using what is currently on the ground.

Come, brethren, let’s board the right train.

On Ikeoha, we stand.

Okey Nwafor , writing for The Nsukka4Ike Team.


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