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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Tietie You’re Wrong on TB Joshua – Agboga

A Rejoinder

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As you know, I remain one close reader of your writings. I am sure my support of your efforts are not in doubt. However, I must disagree and publicly so with the views you have expressed on this matter.

From a patriotic standpoint, government could have done better to ensure the economic benefits from Mr Joshua’s demise. Beyond this point, I am unable to agree with everything else you put out there in that article.To say the least, I was shocked. Not you my brother. You appear to have completely misunderstood the issues or is it plain ignorance or have you also been deceived by Mr Joshua’s demonic lying wonders. Yes “demonic” … I said so… Lying wonders.

May I take your assertions in that article one after the other sir.

First, Mr. Joshua was no Christian let alone a prophet or called by God. No one is called into ministry without first being a believer. As far as I know, Temitope Balogun Fatai aka TB Joshua was never born again according to Biblical standards. Joshua never shared a new birth experience and repeatedly said when asked at different fora that “he was born again from his mother’s womb”. This statement was no careless talk and was very deliberate. Joshua denied ever being born again and never recanted. How then could he have been called of God? This was the epicenter of CAN/PFN’s disagreement with, and rejection of him. Please refer to our Lord’s conversation with Nicodemus, where our Lord declared that except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. He that is born of the flesh, natural birth, remains flesh. And he that is born of the Spirit, the new birth, is Spirit. Scriptures cannot be broken. No amount of good works is a substitute for the new birth experience.

Further to the above, Joshua’s claim of being born again in his mother’s womb is a subtle albeit satanic claim to divinity. Recollect his popular cliche, “Emmanuel” and “the man in the synagogue”. Joshua subtly claimed to be christ. That the man in the synagogue was christ. This is not the fora to go into the depths of satanic manifestations of false Christs.

Secondly, the issue of miracles and signs and wonders performed by Mr Joshua attracted global attention to him as a person not to Jesus our Lord and King. And since when did signs and wonders become the sole or primary proof of being called by God or being genuine?

John 10:40-42 ” John did no miracle and everything he said about Jesus was true and the people out their faith in Christ”. This was John whose birth was prophesied and who Jesus said was the greatest of all the prophets. My brother I believe in miracles and signs and wonders. I have seen signs and wonders happen in my meetings as you well know. But if it will not at the end cause folks to put their faith in Jesus, then there is a big problem.

You also made heavy weather about Joshua’s philanthropy. It was impressive from a human standpoint no doubt. But from scriptures, basically hogwash. It is nice to refer to our Lord’s command to do charitable works and assist people but our Lord also cautioned us about doing so publicly to the applause of men. Jesus said do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing when it comes to charitable matters. Mr Joshua philanthropy sadly was for the optics and to create a buzz around him and launder his image. You do not want to know what churches over the years and till date, have done and are still doing for people in terms of charity and philanthropy. On this score, Mr Joshua disobeyed clear scriptures and the very words of Christ himself.

Oh yes! Your refrain of not judging another man’s servant…I hope you know the believer will judge all things even the angels and yet he himself will be judged of no man.

I sincerely don’t think our Pentecostal leaders or even any Christian leader called of God hated Mr Joshua or was envious of him.  The real issues are that they were wary of him not because of his unorthodox style but because his gospel was not the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ but in reality was “another gospel” and they sad for the multitudes that thronged his facilities.

Did we as christians, pulpit and pew alike, contribute to his rise and acceptance? Do we share a part of the blame? Yes and sadly so. We failed over the years to preach repentance in the name of our Lord and disciple those whom the Lord brought to us. We have instead focused on money, having a large congregation and building massive edifices. Our failures created the vacuum that gave societal validity to the rise of Mr Joshua and his ilk. And, there are.many of them now.

I am no gifted writer like you but hopefully I trust I have made the necessary points. TB Joshua as he was popularly known was no preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was a charlatan who used our Lord’s name to deceive the gullible and the scripturally ignorant.

As a human person, I am sad at his exit particularly since he did not know the Christ of the cross. I am also saddened for his family as they grieve the loss of their patriarch and breadwinner. But it is what it is, the truth must be laid bare.

Am I infallible and without sin, No sir. I am a sinner saved by grace having been washed by the precious blood of Jesus on which I rely for daily cleansing by reason of my faith in what He did on calvary’s cross.

Blessings sir.

Ehis Agboga

Ehis Agboga, A practising Nigerian Lawyer and Tent-Maker Pastor, writes from Lagos, Nigeria.


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